Conditions we can treat effectively:

Internal: IBS, ME, High Cholesterol ,Chest Pain, Cough and Influenza, Headaches, Migraine, Indigestion, Colic Pain, Haemorrhoid, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Nausea, Cystitis, Water Retention.




Neurological: Muscles & Skeleton: Back Pain, Arthritic Pain, Sciatic, Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Sport Injuries, Frozen Shoulder, Nerve Pain, Numbness, Insomnia.



Mental: Stress, Nervousness, and Feeling Down.



Ear, Nose and Throat: Hay fever, Tinnitus, Allergic Rhinitis & Sinusitis.



Skin: Eczema, Athlete's Foot, Acne, Warts, Dermatitis, Moles, Hair loss, etc.


Women's Problems: PMT, Period Problems, Menopause, Thrush, Cystitis,



Men's Problems: Impotence, Low Libido, Erection Problems.



Paediatric Problems: Nappy Rash, Diarrhoea, Indigestion, Eczema, Verrucas, Sleeping Disorders, Bed Wetting.

Other: Catarrh, Candida.




If your complaint is not listed, please let us know, we still may be able to help you.


          What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy administered through the painless insertion of disposable, sterile needles to specific acupoints. The needles stimulate the flow of Chi through the body's meridians to re-open the Chi pathway, increasing energy flow to internal organs, enhancing the body's own healing power.

             Hunan University of Chinese Medicine


Relaxation Treatment

Doctors agree that over 75% of health problems can be linked and 98% can be aggravated by nervous and stress conditions. With relaxation treatment, we can induce a sensation of relaxation throughout the body and peace of mind. The circulation of blood and Chi is improved and wastes can be eliminated. The body will receive greater oxygen flow and nutrients and the immune system will be more efficient in fending off disease agents, thus lessening the chance of becoming ill.



Detox Treatment

There is a variety of levels of toxin in each individual, they will affect the normal function of organs and lead to internal disorder, muscle ache, slowed metabolism and blocked blood circulation. With our detox treatment plan, you will feel relaxed and vitalized



Body Natural Care

Our body is like a car, which requires regular checkups and maintenance to elongate life span. Instead of waiting for weeks or months for your check ups at the hospital, you can have a consultation with our doctor which would take approximately 20 minutes. Do not wait till your conditions exacerbate and miss the opportunity to improve your health. Our doctor could use TCM to help you to identify the problem in no time and give you an appropriate treatment plan. This is a real contribution of TCM to human well being and also the reason why it has existed in China for thousands of years and has been approved by the world. Our aim is to help patients to control their health conditions and increase the awareness of health problems.