Mr. Xingwu Tan (MATCM)  

Attained a Professorship in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999 at The Second Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, He has had 17 years of experience in China  of research,teaching and clinical practice.He has applied his knowledge and dedication    for 18 years in the UK with remarkable results.

Mr.Tan specialises in relieving muscular and skeleton problems.For example:back pain;artthritis;MND;sports injuries.

He is able to help with individual male issues associatedwith:infertility;low sperm count and mobility;impotence;prostate problems;premature ejaculation



Sept 1981 - July 1986     Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine - Hunan University 

                    of   Chinese Medicine, China 

May 1989 - April 1990    Further Orthopaedic surgical training - Xiangya 

                    school of  Medicine  China

Jan 1997-Jan 2000  Ph.d in Medicine The Second-Term of  Heritation  in Chinese  Medicine                     by  Ministry of  National Health,  Personnel and Academic Degree Commitee of                        State Council,China

March 2002 - Aug 2002 New technical training in Cerical Spondynosis                                                            Surgery  The Second  Military Medical University, Shanghai   



  July 1986 - Dec 2002   Second Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese   Medicine, In the course of obtaining his professorship,he gained experience as an orthopedic surgeon and become a Co-Director of the Orthopaedics Association of Hunan Health Society of CM.                                                          Additional roles performed:

  • Secretary of the Orthopaedics Association of Hunan Health Society of Chinese Medicine.

  • Deputy Director of the spinal department of Chinese Health Society

  • Editor of “Traumatology and Orthopaedics Journal of Chinese Medicine”.

  • First Nomination of Academic Leader in the Othopaedics Association of Hunan Health Society of Chinese Medicine China

    Dec 2002 - Sept. 2009 employed by the nationwide healthcare company, Mandarin Healthcare-UK as a Senior Practitioner and Regional Manager focuses on implementing our devoloping  strategy, increasing service performance and travelling to under-performing stores to identify areas of improvement. His work has taken him to 60 branches throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

     March 2010-Now  working as CEO of  Herbal Source Healthcare Centre.

 Mrs.Xiaoqin Li


  Mrs.Xiaoqin Li has a wide and varied TCM academic background parallel with 30 years clinical practice both in the TCm teaching hospital in China and in the UK.



She specialises in helping and alleviateing femal health issues.For example:period disorder; infertility; skin problems;neurological disorders; hair loss; weight problems;.

allergic issues.She is also an experienced beauty therapist.

Ms.  Jing Ye  
Lecturer of TCM

I graduated as an Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Doctor from the SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in 1992.

then worked as a medical doctor in SHANGHAI JINSHAN HOSPITAL (affiliated to Fudan University), as well as a year placement in the Dermatology and Acupuncture departments at SHUGUANG HOSPITAL.

I moved to the UK in May 2002, and decided to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I also completed a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY in 2011.

Given my personal interest in women’s health, I obtained a TCM Gynaecology and Obstetrics Post-graduate Diploma from leading Chinese Gynaecologist Dr. Trevor Wing in 2012.

  Over the last 20 years I have continuously studied various treatments and skills for women’s health and beauty. I firmly believe that inner health and physical appearance are strongly related, and based on this concept, after I specialised in TCM Gynaecology and Cosmetic acupuncture, I have also obtained several Aesthetic treatments qualifications, such as Anti-wrinkle injection, Skin rejuvenation, Fat Dissolving, and Non-surgical face lift, fillers treatments etc. and became a qualified aesthetic practitioner.