Chinese Tuina massage is different from other

massage techniques concentrating on regulating the Yin–Yang balance by getting rid of bad Qi and strengthening energy Qi (the immune system) through a series of sophisticated massage techniques using selective pressure points and energy channels.

       It helps to relax tired and tense muscles, lower blood pressure, reduce back pain and treat most skeletal problems as well as stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation.

       Tuina massage is also used for beauty therapy in conjunction with a herbal facial treatment..



  • Chair Massage:                      from  £15/10mins                                                                                      

  • Head Massage                        from £15/10mins                                                                              

  • Neck & Shoulder massage       from £35/30mins


  • Back Massage                        from £35/30mins                                                                  

  • Full Bady Massage                  from £50/45mins                                                                 

  • Tuina,Therapeutic Massage     from£40/30mins

       (  deep tissue massage )          

  • Manipulation Therapy             £30/session  


   Discount is available when a course of treatment taken