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What is herbal facial therapy?


      A Herbal Facial (using natural non-irritating herbs), in conjunction with Tuina massage, deeply cleanses the pores, relaxes the muscles and increases the circulation of the face in order to improve you skin tone, slows down the aging process and leaves you skin feeling smooth and radiant. It can also greatly improve your facial appearance by removing excessive black moles, acne scars, blood naevus and freckles.



  • cosmetic acupuncture


  • Anti-wrinkle,  Acne remove

     £45/session or 

  • Herbal Facial Therapy




What is cosmetic-acupuncture?


       Cosmetic acupuncture, or an acupuncture face lift, comprises an effective, non-surgical, treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It is based on one of the key principles of Chinese Medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin, disposable, needles into acupoints on the face. This insertion will increase the local circulation and stimulate collagen production, which will then fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin for a glowing, radiant, younger complexion.


    Discount is available when a course of treatment taken